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News July 19, 2009

Within one day of making TrippingFest free, it is within the TOP 100 FREE ENTERTAINMENT APPS

Thanks to everybody who downloaded it or supported me! IF YOU MAKE CRAZY STUFF, SEND IT TO ME!

News July 18, 2009

TrippingFest is free in the iTunes app store for a limited time (At most 5 days). I have updated it twice:

News June 25, 2009


Buy TrippingFest from the ITunes app store now for 99 cents!

News April 13, 2009

I needed to install MASM on a network drive. It doesn't do that by default so I've created a guide to modify MASM to install on a network drive.

News March 22nd, 2009

I had to create a mid-semester project for a class. I was to create something "interesting" using combinational logic using an FPGA. I decided to implement SHA1 in Verilog using only combinational logic. The result is comedic.

News October 25th, 2008

There is a new bugfix release for the Alarm Clock of Justice. This newest version is 2.2.1. It fixes two bugs:

News October 4th, 2008

The Alarm Clock of Justice 2.2 is now available for download! It has snooze, special timing, new interface options, a backup alarm, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember because I haven't used version 2.1 in a very long time. Instead of doing large reworks of the Alarm Clock of Justice I'm going to start releasing smaller changes more frequently. Also, I will stop using random versioning numbers.

News July 7th, 2008

I built a resistor color code calculator that runs on cell phones.

News July 5th, 2008

I documented a reflex game that I built using a MC9S08QG4 microchip. I am pre-releasing the Alarm Clock of Justice 2.2 (And yes, it has snooze), soon. If you are interested in testing a copy of 2.2 before it goes out to the world contact me.

News March 14th, 2008

I added an HTML entity encoder and the code I used to auto-generate tab indexes for the Alarm Clock of Justice.

News January 27th, 2008

I am releasing a small Java program for cell phones/mobile devices called flashlight. It keeps your backlight on your phone turned on as long as you want, provides random flashing colors, and turns off the backlight without exiting the program. Cell phones that are able to run Java games can run this program. I am releasing it under the GPL v3. Thus here is the source code. It contains no helpful comments and is not that great anyway.

I am working on a new version of RespawnTimer to include a talking countdown timer with various modes. I am trying to find the most compatible audio to use above MIDI. Ironically, my cell phone can't play any recorded sound format itself.

News January 19th, 2008

I am releasing Simple Alarm Clock. It's purpose is to wake from standby to play an alarm, but work on Windows 98, ME, NT (4), and above. It is extremely, small, fast, and simple with very few options. It uses the same core code as the Alarm Clock of Justice. It am also releasing the source code so that other developers can understand how to wake a computer from standy and hibernation. WakeOnStandby is another program that has released source code on the subject.

News January 7th, 2008

I have released two new programs: sleep and set_volume with set_volume being the more interesting of the two. I am working on a release of the Alarm Clock of Justice which will include snooze by popular demand.

News November 14th, 2007

I have written a short guide for how to run a Halo tournament based on my years of experience with Halo tournaments. If you are thinking about running Halo tournaments, read my guide to help you run a well organized, respectable tournament.

News November 6th, 2007

I have released a patch for the Alarm Clock of Justice 2.1 on Windows Vista for the volume effects.

It appears that somehow the volume_vista.dll functions were not exported during some releases and I don't exactly know why. You only need to download the patch if you are using Windows Vista.

News October 17th, 2007

When you email me a bug in a program, please include what you were doing when the bug happened. It does not help me to say that a program crashed--I need to know more. Thank you for any emails! There might be a snooze script appearing for the Alarm Clock of Justice. Add St1nkm4n on Halo 3 for MLG customs.

News September 3rd, 2007

I released the Alarm Clock of Justice 2.1 to Softpedia and CNET. In July, I attended MLG Dallas, but I didn't take any pictures, except with the daughter (and her friend) of a Rainbow Six Vegas player (Sky and Julia, I think). I don't know who they are

News September 1st, 2007

I am releasing the Alarm Clock of Justice 2.1 to the public.

News August 29, 2007

I am in college at Colorado University. The Alarm Clock of Justice version 2.1 will be out soon. It will rock faces.

News August 9, 2007

The Alarm Clock of Justice 2.0 is out for release and will probably have one more update before final release. Get it. It's a major improvment from 1.9.8.

News August 6, 2007

I uploaded two videos to YouTube: Neighborhood Heroes and Turn on light bulb with printer for alarm clock. The Alarm Clock of Justice 2.0 is available for pre-release download. It is ~12 megabytes because I actually included the packages needed for text-to-speech on Windows 2000.

News July 31, 2007

The site is back up after I reloaded all the files. The images are back to normal the the .zip files are no longer corrupt. I don't think it was a cracking attempt. Alarm Clock of Justice 2.0 is in testing right now and is available upon request. It is a much better program.

News July 24, 2007

I am back from MLG Dallas 2007, which was very fun. I wrote a RespawnTimer program for cell phones (and other MIDP 2.0 devices) that times weapon spawns for the MLG 2007 gametypes.

News May 25, 2007

I updated the About section and added my resume. I am looking for a job this summer -- hire me. The Alarm Clock of Justice 2.0 Beta is available for testing on request.

News April 4, 2007

I added a page last modified footer at the bottom of each page and fixed a few types on the MLG settings.

News March 27, 2007

My computer's mother board recently fried but I got a new one. I had to re-install Windows XP and was aided--ironically--by my Ubuntu Linux installation. Reinstalling Windows XP was quite painless. As of now, I am working on the Alarm Clock of Justice version 2.0. It will be more reliable than 1.9.8. and offer the ability to use different configurations with each instance of itself. This way there will be no more error messages about file conflicts with configuration files (Hopefully). Also, remember that the Alarm Clock of Justice is an alarm clock--not a casual reminder program. Although if you are so inclined you can use it for such ends. I am also looking to make a program to time Halo 2 weapon spawn times. I am hoping to build it with the GTK toolkit so I can release the program on several different platforms--and learn GTK.

I am looking for some kind of internship for this approaching summer. If you enjoy my "works", then you can hire me if your business is based somewhere around, Loveland, Colorado. Although I release programs for Windows, I am quickly gaining experience with Linux.

News Febuary 21st, 2007

I updated the MLG settings page for 2007 gametypes. I'm working on a new version of the Alarm Clock of Justice which will feature the ability to have different configurations.

News Febuary 5th, 2007

I updated the MLG settings page to contain some select 2005 gametypes.

News January 5th, 2007

I added a page with settings and maps Major League Gaming Halo 2 Gametypes for Free For All and Team games in the 2006 season. This is to try to prevent the miskate that some who play Halo 2 make of thinking the settings are simply Battle Rifle start.

News December 23, 2006

I've had this program for a long time, but I'm releasing it now. WindowDude was built with Microsoft Word's Visual Basic for Applications to work with the Win32 API. The purpose of the program is to enable easy access to a Windows programmer to the SendMessage function, which sends a system message. I wrote it for two reasons: It comes in the format of an MS Word document with VBA macros. It's basically an enumerated window list (like Spy++, but crapier) with the ability to use SendMessage via some textboxes--but yet, it's so much more.

News September 9, 2006

I (St1nkm4n) joined BUNNY PAJAMAS' Halo 2 online league and made it to the FFA (Free For All) semi-finals (Top 16). In each game, the top 4 players advance to the next round. I stopped at game 3. An overall picture of the FFA brackets: FFA brackets I had a lot of fun playing FFA with some really good people. I'm glad I didn't make it to the finals, because they were 1v1 matches, and I hate 1v1. Hope to do it again soon!

News July 27, 2006

The best version yet of the Alarm Clock of Justice has been posted. Great new look and Reminders feature.

News July 20, 2006

Just posted the newest version (1.9.6) of the Alarm Clock of Justice. The newer version (1.9.7) fixes a critical flaw in the underlying threading of the program, which were the cause of some crashes, especially when you changed your computer's date or time. And it was accepted by Cool.

News July 19, 2006

I just fixed the dumbest bug ever in the Alarm Clock of Justice. If you just downloaded it, you NEED to download it again, or simply not use the "X" button on the window.

News July 18, 2006

I just added a new version of the Alarm Clock of Justice with some minor bug fixes.

News July 15, 2006

Site finally uploaded and conforms to XHTML 1.0 Strict standards, which really stinks because the "target" attribute is "not allowed", so I don't have any way to make links open in new browser windows without Javascript.

Also added the Gnome with a Burrito Cannon. I should get a PhD in arts and crafts.

Also, if you use Notepad for web development, stop. Here be an experience why: If your web pages ARE validating it's probably because you used the ANSI encoding option (File > Save as...), which is not very good because it supports only a limited amount of characters. If you were enterprising and selected the UTF-8 option, Notepad put a BOM (Byte order mark) at the beginning of your file. Ok...kewl. The problem is that if you include other web page files in your web page, the BOM will show up as a real character, and invalidate your web page and make it silly. How to solve: I went ahead and just got the Crimson Editor jEdit which has the option to save without a BOM. Conclusion: Don't use Notepad anymore.

News: July 15, 2006

Site almost ready for launch.

News: July 13, 2006

Completed some work on the layout.
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